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What is that sweater we see everywhere now?

We are accustomed to saying that the French have obsession with jeans and ballet pumps. We recognize Italians’ obsession with leopard prints and geometric fabrics. But when we want to identify trends in sweaters, then those we trust blindly are fashion bloggers our friends from Great Britain. That’s why when we saw Jessie Bush’s Instagram account and Francesca Saffari, a specific sweater style with a geometric V design, Brand & OtherStories for the F / W 2018-2019 season, we realized that a micro trend was just born ahead in our eyes.

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This particular piece is released in various, everlasting, shades and costs 89 Euros. Its somewhat retro design refers to cool, seventies appearances and causes us to combine it with pile bell pants or denim skirt on midi length and alpha line. But if you do not want to get such a vintage result, this jumper fits with a cropped pant and a leather skirt and a modern, high-end jean. Why it is good to have choices on how to wear this hot part of this winter.